8 Important Facts of Healthy Living

August 25, 2020

 As said by great saint Gautam Budda  “Healthy mind lives in a healthy body” which suggests that health of both physical and mental is interconnected. The term healthy living goes hand in hand with both good physical and mental health. Whether a change in a good or bad manner, it will affect the other directly. Following are 8 important facts which will help you in healthy living and balanyour health. 

1. Drink Plenty of Water

By following water therapy for 3 months can make your skin, your body and your organs work more efficiently. Just drinking water when you are thirsty is acquiring a permit to harm your liver. As you all know that water is the best solvent so that becomes a reason why it helps body to remove the toxic elements from the body through sweat and urine.  It has been recommended by many health experts to drink at least 3 liters or more of water every day.

2. Body Detoxification. 

Body detoxification can be specified as cleansing and nourishing the body both from the interior and exterior parts. It can be explained by means of disposing of pollutants, then nourishing the body by feeding nutrients. If in case you are not going for urination for a long time it can damage the gallbladder and harms the kidney. The detoxifying process consists of healthy eating, exercising, positive thinking that can defend you from various diseases but also can renew your ability to maintain foremost health with the help of meditation and yoga practices. 

3. Never Skip Breakfast    

Breakfast is the most essential feast of the day because if you don’t take breakfast will have a lower glucose level. The problem of lower glucose levels can further be transformed into decreases like diabetes, indigestion, blood pressure fluctuations, and many more.

4. Having Dietary Fibers

Excessively having fried and red meat will be very hazardous for your health. You should always have those foods which have more nutrients and roughage to help your body digest the food easily. The food that contains roughage and dietary fibers are fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, flax seeds, cooked dry beans and can be more.

5. Dinner before 8 p.m

Any foodstuff you have eaten after 8 P.M. consistently will be a toxin to your body. Always try to have a light dinner which will not only help you digest your food easily but also benefit you in having a smooth sleep. You should always have your dinner at least two hours prior to your sleep because it will be easy for your body to digest it and may well increase the chances of having a sound sleep.

6. Being Optimistic

Individuals who stay happy and delighted live more, look more youthful, and are more beneficial than their partner who does not. As you all know that the thought process affects feelings so if you have negative thoughts, you are more likely to feel bad. The only way of feeling good is to be optimistic and think positively.

7. Cut Excessive Salt & Sugar Intake

You consume 9 cubes of sugar in each bottle of soda, and it takes an entire week for it to wash off your body, therefore the probability of men having heart problems is 20% more than women. Moreover having more salty meals can be an invitation to spoiling the bones and damaging many important organs of your body.

8. Regular Workout

Daily exercising can save you from decreases in muscle tissues and strength, improve balance, flexibility, and endurance, and reduce the chance of falls among the elderly. With the help of a regular workout, you can prevent diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood stress, heart problems such as strokes and many more.


“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”                                                                                                                                                          Jim Rohn 

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