How to Conquer Your Fears and Be A Winner

March 6, 2021

Fear reaches to every one of us, that can be unnecessary fear of fear, fear of failure or can be a fear of further success.  Everybody has experienced fear sooner or later in our lives. The unnecessary worry or fear can be a real stumbling block that holds us returned from being truly a hit.

A person should not worry because there is always a solution to a problem like worry. There is no better time to start it by today. Here are top 9 speedy performing techniques which help you take over your fears.

1. Separate truth from a notion

First thing is to look for the real truth of circumstances for what it is basically. Just bring clarity on what the facts are behind the fear. With the help of your belief and instincts, try to solve that hard situation by exploring it fully.

2. Discover the main cause

Find the main elements of the circumstances that activate your fearful mind. Just think what the will happen to me in the worst scenario? With the positive thoughts and mindset, you can easily conquer your fears.

3. Be your own observer

Before you become your observer, detach yourself from yourself completely. Such practice of detachment from yourself will help you analyse what is the main cause of fear. In case you turn out to be an observer of your worry, then you definitely no longer in it. You can now react instinctively because at that moment you are not in that situation personally.

4. Pay attention to your internal conversation

You need to always check your internal conversations. It becomes very important to pay attention while listening and always stop yourself whenever you are negative.  The negative talks such as what will happen, I am not worthy,  I might not solve it and many more. Whenever your negative thought arises, repeat stopping it through the practice of doing throughout the day.

5. Create a brand new association

At the time you sense fear, listen to your favourite song or look into your loved one’s photo.  Keep holding or doing it till the time you don’t feel happy with yourself.

6. Prepare for worst

Just think of the worst situation which can happen to you and then think of the possible strategies that you can apply to win such a situation. By doing such practices you might never get trapped in the situation of fear.

7.  Enhance your positive belief

Having a positive perception or believe in your life is very important. Its always how you feel determines how you will deal with such a situation. Just by a positive attitude, you can win half of your battle and give yourself a better chance.

8. Discover ways to create space

Instinctive behaviour comes naturally because worry takes place in the emotional part of the brain. Now whenever there is an increase in fear, just break the cycle through meditation and deep breathing. This may give you time to relax and allow your rational mind time to recover.

9. Make it secure

There may be no existence of fear when you feel safe. The useful methods to conquer worry is to create as safest surroundings as you can for yourself.  By the term, safest means making yourself free from stress and unnecessary thoughts. This might take some time because it requires a lot of practice with yourself.

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