Do calories really matter?

July 28,  2021

When it comes to controlling calories it becomes important to know the importance of every calorie, which helps the body to maintain the proper hormone balance.  A person should understand the deep fact that even if he/she is going for a low-calorie diet doesn’t guarantee weight loss. In contrast, you might have seen a person having an excess of calories but still maintaining a good weight.

For many years it has been a common belief that if you intake more calories then you will increase weight. The increased weight will lead you with serious health issues such as metabolic defects and high-risk type 2 diabetes.  According to the report (Consequence or causes of overeating ) done by Professor Dawid Ludwig and Mark Friedman suggests weight gain theory starts after an imbalance in the body hormones. The research became very famous and even published in the journals of the American Medical Association on May 16, 2014. Many of the people around the world are now questioning whether the calories really matter?

The reason for getting overweight

The professors found the reason behind overeating, obesity and disturbed blood insulin. The main role of insulin is to clear the sugar from blood and store macronutrients in muscle cells.  The main reason for high food intake is a decreased circulation of metabolic fuels in the bloodstream. That bloodstream becomes the main reason for string hunger and overeating.

The problem of overeating has now become a vicious cycle because it provokes insulin production that causes eating again and again.  A person needs to observe his/her eating pattern to avoid the problem of overweight, hormonal imbalance and stomach bloated problem.

The hassle of reducing calories.

The dieting has always has been the golden method to deal with overweight. The main side effects can be biochemical dysfunction. This dysfunction is when the body started producing less the metabolic fuels due to lack of nutritive content.

A reduction in resting metabolic charge results in a decrease in overall body energy.  Hunger level in the body causes a desolation of the restored calories in the internal body.  Even the regular practices of dieting can cause hormonal imbalance and even body loses the bacteria fighting cells.

A focus on weight loss plan composition, now not calories

The diet composition aims to reduce insulin with release low carbohydrate diet, without restricting calories. This diet consists of having a higher protein diet, mild fats and reducing carbohydrate diet by reducing GI-carbohydrates containing food like pasta, lentils, basmati rice and some wholegrain bread.

Making each calorie count number

Keeping all thing in the consideration does the calories still plays an important role? Yes, each calorie matters but in case you are eating a nutrient-wealthy weight-reduction plan aligned with appropriate metabolic function and hormonal stability, you will be capable of eating extra food and total energy without gaining frame fats. Every calorie ought to offer your frame nourishment.

Importance of sleep

Sleep always plays a vital role in controlling stress hormone.  According to the study done by professors, overeating increases cortisol hormone that provokes the mind neurotransmitters. Likewise, the damaged sleep and slow metabolism share a direct relation with the hunger hormone called ghrelin.  Now you know that powerful weight management isn’t pretty much related to just only food dieting and workout.

Rebalancing Hormone

The concept is to make the proper scientific combination, which converts the body into fats burning mode without storing extra fat. You should always recommend the nutritional expert first before going for any diet. The given dietary advice will give you a nice idea of what all foods are good for maintaining a proper hormonal balance.

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