3 Essential Pillars for Building Student Success

August 5, 2018

The most essential element of being a teacher is to encourage students to perform well.  The performance of a student is not always depend only on his/her understanding but many times it is the motivation from teachers and parents which plays an important role in building the student’s success.  A Students should also make some efforts towards their work for achieving more motivation.

A student of any school or college, who is not at all willing to study can attain interest with the help of motivation. The process of changing the mind only requires the right inspiration from teachers and proper guidance from parents. Here are the three main factors which have a direct influence on student success.

1. Overcoming academic hurdles

The academic motivation of a student can be stimulated, if the teacher creates a positive environment with praise, enthusiasm and inspiring feedbacks. Even for a small effort, praising a student will definitely encourage learning and also provide the right direction.  With that process of appreciation, a student will continue to excel by doing better work every next time. Rewards also play a vital role in building motivation for a student. As with bonuses for adults, students also like to get a piece of sweet or a little gift from the teacher’s sweet jar, or extra play/free time after completion of the class.

It’s not just only the application and rewards,  a student also requires positive comments or feedback. It gives a huge amount of self-confidence when a teacher sends positive feedback or appreciation when the parents meet them.  It’s only through feedback, a student can understand the expectations of the teacher and even learn what not to do in class as well as in exams.

2. Role of parents 

Parents being the first teacher of student plays a vital role in the basic learning function from birth. When a child starts walking parents give the support to gain more positive recognition to achieve further steps. Likewise, it becomes very important for both father and mother to help their child where ever they are in trouble or feel low about themselves.

Asking questions related to books, vocabulary, and educational videos should be encouraged by the parents. Lastly, its one of the main responsibility of parents is to check whether their child is facing any difficulty, if so please get involved in their studies.

3. Improving self-esteem

The self-esteem of the student may vary depending on the feels and experiences of day-to-day life. There might be many factors but self-esteem has to come within internally. Generally, the students who don’t get good marks have low self-esteem. With a good performance in the school test or oral questioning, a student will start getting self-esteem back with time.  A student will gain self-confidence by participating in co-curricular activities such as sports, plays, debates.  A student will definitely feel confident if he/she will participate in any such competition. With the desire to understand and learn new things, the students will surely perform well in academics.

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